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Testudo Mix 250 gr

Testudo Mix 250 gr

Artikelnamn: Testudo Mix 250 gr
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Sköldpaddsfoder framtaget för Europeiska Landsköldpadds arter. 250 gr

By experience Mediterranean tortoises are often offered an unsuitable diet which is too rich in content and contains too much fruits and even sometimes carnivorous food.
A wrong diet is consequently the biggest health problem of Mediterranean tortoises. Lucky Reptile Testudo Mix is not only an optically attrative and tasty food but it is also very healthy since it only includes ingredients that belong to the natural diet of the animals.
It is a well balanced mix of dried flowers, wild herbs and various vegetables and rich in natural vitamins and minerals. As recommended by veterinarians and also required for the well being of Testudo species the food has a high content of fibres for a healthy digestion.
Testudo Mix can be fed dry or moistened. Our recommendation is to spray the food with a little water so its scent can fully develop.
Generally it is suitable to feed Testudo Mix as main food but we always recommend feeding the animals as varied as possible. Lucky Reptile Tortoise Mix, Herb Mix, Herb Cobs and Flower Mix, but also fresh wild herbs are good nutrional additions. Fruits should preferably be deleted entirely off the menu of European tortoises.

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Feeding Recommendations: Testudo Mix can be fed dry or moistened. Mix with water or spray water over the food and let it swell for about 5 minutes. This way the scent of the food and with it the acceptance by the animals is increased. Stir the food and serve it to the animals. Remove uneaten food immediately. For dry feeding simply place into feeding dish and pay attention on availability of sufficient amounts of drinking water.

Composition: Meadow herbs 59 %, flowers 21 %, vegetables 20 %: dandelion, nettle, pepper mint, carrots, roses, camomile, common marigold, courgette, garden thyme, lavender, salvia, cornflower.

Anaytical constituents: Crude Protein: 15,8 %, Fat content: 3,1 %, Crude Fiber: 22,0 %

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Artnr: 5328

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