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Tarantulas of the world

Tarantulas of the world

Artikelnamn: Tarantulas of the world
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Verrières-le-Buisson 2015, HC., 500 pages, 600 color photographs. „This book on tarantulas describes and illustrates almost 300 species of tarantulas of th Theraphosidae family by biogeographical zone. The descriptions enable non-specialists to identify each species, and provides additional information on lifestyle, habitat and distribution. Theraphosidae systematics are presented in the form of an identification key for subfamilies and a description of particularly note-worthy genera. An exhaustive list of currently known species is also presented by subfamily and by country. This book also covers Theraphosidae biology : anatomy, primary biological functions, ecology, venomology and pharmacological research in addition it also contains advice on breeding and rearing Theraphosidae”

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Artnr: 5237

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